Forms library

All the forms to support your trading needs.

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While forms are a nuisance, some are required by us or third parties for your security. Rest assured, we're constantly working to replace them with more streamlined solutions.  

By the way, if you're looking for our legal page – which includes riotous readings and hit titles like T&Cs, FSG and privacy policy – you'll find that here.

Applying for an Opentrader account

You should read and understand some important info before you open an account with us. Fo' real. Then, if you're looking to sign up for an Aussie individual or joint account, simply sign up. Otherwise, read on...

Non-standard account applications

Ok now we're getting into actual form territory. You might say we're in pretty good form. Here are all the forms for non-standard account applications.

Please note: to apply for options trading you must already be an Opentrader client. You must also have read and understood both our and the ASX booklet, Understanding Options Trading. Or if you're looking to trade warrants you should also read the ASX booklet, Understanding Warrants.

Update your account details

Need to update your email address, your CHESS-registered postal address for your account contract notes, or both? Or need to update your name on your account? We have forms for those. 

Link an existing cash account

If you hold an existing cash management or margin loan, you can link your account to use it to settle transactions on your Opentrader account. Use the appropriate third party form below: 

All the other forms

And here are all some forms for when you're having a party closer to home... as opposed to third party – get it?

One-off sale

Use this form if you wish to sell an Issuer-sponsored listed security in an individual or joint name.

Broker-to-broker holdings transfer

Existing clients only. Transfer holdings attached to an existing HIN with another broker to your Opentrader HIN.

FATCA supplementary form

FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) self-certification form for when individuals relating to companies, trust or super funds are US citizens or residents for tax purposes.

Issuer-sponsored holding transfer

Transfer issuer-sponsored holdings to your Opentrader HIN.

Off-market transfer

Change the registered name on a holding from one entity to another.

Third party authority (trading)

To grant a third party authority to view or transact on your trading account(s).

Withdrawal request

Withdraw funds from the ANZ Cashactive trust account linked to your Opentrader trading account.