Words that keep us all safe.

Good legal docs protect us all. We have the coolest in-house legal peeps around (I know, I didn't know those words went together either), so we make sure ours are as easy to read as possible. 

Read before you trade

You should read and understand the below before you open an account with us. Fo' real. 

Trading terms and conditions

These are a must-read (no seriously, by completing an Opentrader application you're bound by them, so you need to read them – stat). Catch up on all the juicy deets about our relationship with you (yep, we're going steady now), trading and transactions, indemnity, liability and even how we can terminate you. Oh wait, no, just the agreement. But if you don't read these, we'll send some unsolicited door knockers to your house to sell you insurance or bibles or something.

Financial services guide (FSG)

A summary of fees and transactional terms and conditions. They're not nearly as long as the trading terms and conditions (or as fun, let's be honest).

Client agreement

When you sign up as an Opentrader customer, you agree to this Openmarkets client agreement, which includes scintillating highlights like equities terms and conditions, as well as details of the CHESS sponsorship agreement. Openmarkets are our wholesale clearing and settlement partner (and also a part of OMG!). 

Privacy policy

Too late, you've given us permission to text and spam your next five generations in perpetuity. Just jokes. We take privacy seriously, and just to show you how seriously we take it (and because it's a legal requirement) we made our very own policy.

Options product disclosure statement (PDS)

If you're looking to trade options, then you really have no other option than to read our options PDS. Excitingly, it outlines the terms and conditions for trading options and the different types of options you can trade at Opentrader. Of course, if you're just looking to trade shares and not options, reading this is optional.

Looking for a form?

You should go to our forms library! Unlike a boring normal library, you can borrow as many forms as you like, whenever you like. You don't even need a library card.