Invest with precision.

For sophisticated investors, experienced traders, and those who aspire to be. Get the market-leading free platform for professionals.

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Live order pad

Super low-latency free live market data in the order pad.

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Advanced charting

Drill down and analyse every market movement with over 90+ technical indicators.

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Individually CHESS-sponsored

Securities held directly on your HIN with the government-backed safety net for deposits of up to $250,000.

Sophisticated with benefits.

Are you a sophisticated investor? Join the Green Room for exclusive access to capital markets offers such as IPOs, hybrids and placements, as well as one-on-one trading support from our premium Green Room team.

  • Access our curated list of IPOs, placements and hybrids
  • Priority onboarding and premium account service
  • Exclusive VIP offers and events

Fantasy folio of your dreams

Take Opentrader for a spin with $50,000 in demo dollars in a fantasy folio – run your dream team of shares with full platform features.

  • $50,000 in demo dollars
  • Try before you trade for real
  • Get started in less than 30 seconds

Hone your trading technique.

Gain insights from our team of seasoned investors and learn how to get the most value from our 90+ award-winning interactive studies and technical indicators.

  • Technical trading tutorials
  • Strategy-based learning
  • Contextual market insights

Trade up.

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Full company data

with news from leading sources

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Supercharged tick-by-tick charting

Stock screener, in-chart comparison, market maps and market depth

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customisable dashboards, watchlists and conditional orders

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CHESS-sponsored HIN

held directly and securely by you

Customise your workspace to suit the way you invest with our professional platform. Tick-by-tick charting, market maps and depth, leading news sources – all held directly and securely under your own HIN.


Don't just take our word for it
Our back end powers over 270,000 traders on the ASX and clears over $55 billion in annualised trades.