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Sophisticated investors only

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Roll out the green carpet.

Green Room members enjoy tailored onboarding, service, offers and events as befitting their sophisticated investor status. Once we’ve verified your status, our premium trading desk execs are on-hand to guide you on a more personalised Opentrader journey. You’ll gain access to our behind-the-scenes capital markets deals, as well as exclusive VIP events and offers.

What’s a sophisticated investor?

A sophisticated investor must have a certificate from their accountant to verify that they’ve achieved a $250k+ gross income per year for the last two years, or hold $2.5 million or more in net assets. Once verified, they’re able to engage in more advanced types of investment opportunities, often reserved for wholesale investors. If you’re not sure if you qualify, or you’re after more info, get in touch.


Equities made elegant.

Curated capital markets deals

Some of the best action happens off the pitch. With your Green Room box seats, you’ll see the whole game and get to pick and choose from all the plays. We hand select our placements, IPOs, bonds, hybrids and convertible notes to provide you access to some of the most sought-after offers on and off the market.

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Priority onboarding and service

As a Green Room member, you’ll gain direct access to your own Premium Trading Executive to help guide you swiftly through onboarding and any of your Opentrader-related needs.

Exclusive offers and events

We know you didn’t come this far without learning a thing or two along with way – which means you’re thirsty for investing knowledge and understand the power of good connections. We provide both of these in good measure, both virtually and face-to-face, and always in a relaxed, convivial atmosphere.

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