Equity capital markets offers.

VIP admission.

Backstage market access for sophisticated investors.

As well as the trading platform of choice for serious investors, Opentrader offers access to a curated list of equity capital raise opportunities, for both Australian listed securities and off-market offers, including institutional placements, hybrids, convertible notes, pre-IPOs, IPOs, corporate bonds and more. See a table of all our recent offers and how they've done since here.

Sophisticated or not, here we come.

Verified sophisticated investors gain access to the full gamut of capital markets deals, while even the general public can get in on the action that's not restricted to wholesale and sophisticated investors.


More than meets the IPO.

Get your off-market floaties on.

Public offers like IPOs with a ‘disclosure document’ that is lodged with ASIC (e.g. prospectus or PDS) may be publicly available to all investors, big and small. Private equity offers demand a little more sophistication and assumed understanding of risk. We offer both, and we’ll keep you in the loop with IPO news and any IPO raise opportunities available to you, depending on your investor status and experience level.

  • IPO raise opportunities
  • IPO news for companies about to float
  • Pre-IPO investment platform for sophisticated investors

Convertible notes and hybrids.

When we talk about hybrids and convertibles, we’re usually not admiring your drop-top Prius. Convertible notes are a type of security used for seed capital funding and other early stage investing opportunities into startups, scaleups and pre-IPO companies. Hybrids combine the features of bonds and shares, while both hybrids and convertible notes carry plenty of risk.

  • Access to convertible notes
  • Corporate hybrids and bank hybrids

Entitlement offers and private placements.

Feeling entitled to ask for more? If you’re a sophisticated investor, so you should. Once we have your accountant-verified certificate on hand, you’ll be a fully fledged member of the Opentrader Green Room, and have access to even more debt and equity instruments. These include entitlement offers, private and institutional placements.

  • Non-transferable offers or entitlement offers
  • Institutional and private placements

Sophisticated investors get a VIP pass.

Not sure if you’re sophisticated? Well, if you’ve hit over $250k gross income per year over the last two years or hold net assets over $2.5 million, then yep, you qualify. You just need your accountant to verify your status as a sophisticated 708 investor (as defined in section 708 of the Corporations Act). You’re also expected to be aware of more of the complexities around private investment, and the risks involved. Once we have your certificate, into the you go! 

  • VIP access to capital markets offers for sophisticated investors
  • Head to the to learn more

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VIP access is a capital idea.
Open an Opentrader account and let us know about your sophisticated investor status to get started.