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As well as the trading platform of choice for serious investors, Opentrader offers access to a curated list of equity capital raise opportunities, for both Australian listed securities and off-market offers, including institutional placements, hybrids, convertible notes, pre-IPOs, IPOs, corporate bonds and more. 

  • Initial public offerings (IPOs)
  • Pre-IPOs
  • Institutional placements
  • Private placements
  • Convertible notes
  • Hybrids
  • Entitlement offers

Upcoming IPOs and other capital markets deals

Check out our recent deals and results below. To get involved in future capital markets offerings, simply sign up and let us know your sophisticated investor status on the way through. As a sophisticated investor, you'll be on our VIP list (aka the Green Room) in less than a minute.


Recent capital markets offers

Here are our recent deals and how they've performed. You can see there are clear opportunities and clear risks, and while we try to find you the best deals, as we all know by now – past performance is not an indicator of future gains.

DateCompanyASX codeRaise typeIssue priceDiscount52 Week High52 Week low
Mar 2022Southern Cross GoldSXGIPO$0.20 0$0.24$0.20
Mar 2022Tietto MineralsTIEPlacement$0.50 14.50%$0.65 $0.28 
Mar 2022CBA PERLS XIVCBAPKIPO$100.00 0--
Feb 2022ANZ Capital Notes 7ANZPJIPO$100.00 0--
Feb 2022MetgascoMELPlacement$0.03 16.10%$0.05 $0.02 
Feb 2022Aruma ResourcesAAJPlacement$0.10 17%$0.19 $0.05 
Feb 2022Syrah ResourcesSYRPlacement$1.48 10.30%$2.13 $0.91 
Feb 2022US Student Housing REITUSQIPO$1.38 0.00%$1.40 $1.20 
Dec 2021RTG Mining Inc.RTGPlacement$0.09 25.00%$0.19 $0.08 
Dec 2021CSLCSLPlacement$273.00 8.20%$319.78 $240.10 
Dec 2021Vintage EnergyVENPlacement$0.09 13.00%$0.13 $0.55 
Nov 2021FBRFBRPlacement$0.05 15.10%$0.06 $0.02 
Nov 2021Pinnacle PNIPlacement$16.70 4.60%$19.29 $8.97 
Nov 2021VentiaVNTIPO$1.70 0.00%$2.96 $1.70 
Nov 2021BeforepayB4PIPO$3.41 0.00%$3.41 $0.43 
Nov 2021Black Mountain EnergyBMEIPO$0.20 0.00%$0.20 $0.11 
Nov 2021InStitchu N/APre-IPO Con Note$1.00 20.00%--
Nov 2021Plato Asset Management PL8Placement$1.11 13.60%$1.32 $1.14 
Oct 2021Antisense TherapeuticsANPPlacement$0.24 18.60%$0.35 $0.10 
Oct 2021Kalgoorlie Gold Mining KALIPO$0.20 0.00%$0.20 $0.13 
Oct 2021Judo Capital HoldingsJDOIPO$2.10 0.00%$2.55 $1.61 
Oct 2021EBR SystemsEBRIPO$1.08 0.00%$1.09 $0.55 
Sep 2021RAMs Essential Services Property FundREPIPO$1.00 0.00%$1.05 $0.89 
Sep 2021Blue EnergyBLUPlacement$0.05 20.60%$0.11 $0.04 
Sep 2021HealthCo Health & Wellness REITHCWIPO$2.00 0.00%$2.40 $1.76 
Jul 2021SelfWealth SWFPlacement$0.39 9.30%$0.55 $0.18 

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