Annual market rap | 2021

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Goodbye 2021 🔥 It's time for our EOY market w(rap) so sit back, relax and enjoy the time we tried to match gangsta bars with upbeat disco vibes... 


If you love reading lyrics, then look no further than below! 

The year started positive but tentative at best,

Not until April came a proper re-test,

Delorean entered as a little market suitor,

You gotta wonder if we’re going back to the future.

While past pumps don’t mean fat future gains,

This year’s crystal ball might cause pain,

Even the missionary ASX index,

Conservative types with ten percent paycheques.

Vector out a sector and they all went up,

Except for energy, leaving depleted,

Comms were the winner, taking the cup,

Even discretionary, far from defeated.

Travel was grounded and never took off,

Hospitality suffered every spluttering cough,

Remember the Ever Given? Feels like a life ago,

Blocking up the Suez and choking up the oil flow.

Later came Evergrande with possible default,

Sweaty-browed investors about to Harold Holt,

And just when you think we’re getting to a steady state,

Along comes Omicron threatening to devastate.

A strain on the economy, one might say,

Early 2022 will see if we’ll pay,

Meanwhile let’s all just go viral,

Spinning up holiday cheer like a vinyl.

That’s the year’s market in rear view vision,

It ain’t comprehensive, by our own admission,

But get your pro tools via simple addition,

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