About Opentrader.

Not for your average investor.

We’ve designed Opentrader from the ground up for sharper investing. We’ve single-mindedly honed our platform into a tool to suit the savvier investor, built on our direct-to-market, proprietary tech stack.


Surgical grade trades.

Direct-to-market tech stack

We build trading technology and services that help you invest smarter and transact faster. We’re part of an independent trading and wealth management fintech company, OMG, which clears, settles and executes over $50 billion in annual trades, as well as providing white-label and API solutions for other fintechs. 

Save with smarter moves

We give you the tools and techniques to make better investments so that brokerage becomes negligible. And unless you specify otherwise, we automatically find you the best execution price across our available markets at any one time.

Exclusive off-market offers

As traders ourselves, we weren’t satisfied with what’s available on the stock markets. We find and manage capital markets deals (IPOs, placements, hybrids and more) that give sophisticated investors – and sometimes even everyone – the opportunity to invest in offers carefully curated by our team.

Not your average investor? Join the club.
We're about quality over quantity. You look like our type.